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Amble with Animate is a collection of site-specific audio plays inviting you to explore some of Plymouth's much loved outdoor spaces. In true Animate style, the entire project is made accessible with transcripts, visual aids and access information. Pictures and films are available for those unable to visit the sites, making it possible to visualise the site without being there. To attend the locations you could choose a comfortable spot or journey you know already or use the postcodes we've provided. Click the          for transcripts and more information about the locations before pressing play and enjoying Amble with Animate.

Barbican & The Hoe
#1 - PL4 0EY
00:00 / 02:23
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#2 - PL1 2NU
00:00 / 03:53
Untitled_Artwork 4.png
#3 - PL1 2PJ
00:00 / 05:34
Untitled_Artwork 4.png
Central Park
#4 - PL4 6NT
00:00 / 06:35
Untitled_Artwork 4.png
#5 - PL4 6NT
00:00 / 03:51
Untitled_Artwork 4.png
#6 - PL2 3PU
00:00 / 04:55
Untitled_Artwork 4.png
Ferry Port
#7 - PL1 3EF
00:00 / 04:25
Untitled_Artwork 4.png
#8 - PL1 3RL
00:00 / 03:19
Untitled_Artwork 4.png
#9 - PL1 3RL
00:00 / 02:46
Untitled_Artwork 4.png
Royal William Yard
#10 - PL1 3RP
00:00 / 01:20
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Written by Alex Robins
Directed by Ruby Woods
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'Pay What You Feel'
'Pay What You Feel' is an initiative to make our work accessible  for everyone and not constrained by ticket price. If you enjoyed Amble with Animate, we would be forever grateful for a donation of what you can afford/feel is a correct ticket price.
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