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We pride ourselves on the diverse and innovative projects we produce and collaborate on. Take a look at our current and most recent projects.

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Animate Evolve

Animate Evolve is a massive part of our activity as a company; meeting weekly, our sessions are a combination of rehearsals, skills workshops and project development. The main focus of these sessions is collaboration. The company is a diverse group of people with and without disabilities but with a shared passion for creating quality theatre as well as breaking down barriers and the stigmas of what it means to be disabled. For more information about Animate Evolve and how to get involved click here.


COMING SOON! Education

The Animate CIC team are currently working on some exciting projects including work that will tour schools raising awareness of disabilities, what it is like living with disabilities and, overall, reducing the stigma of talking about disability.


The Animate CIC team are currently building a training package offering to other teams and organisations an insight into disability and how they can improve their practices to better support people with disabilities.

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